Design Rates

As each job has unique elements, it is important that I quote each job to your specifications.

I quote based on the hours I expect the job to take, however, I can also quote per project if it is large and perhaps ongoing.

Freelance rates are available,  this is based on ongoing expected work and on the number of work hours that would be expected each week.

Printing and Production Rates

Printing is very subjective – there are a lot of variables

Whether you need outdoor marketing products like flags, banners or marquees or just flyers, post cards or letterhead.

Printing is quoted as needed – be sure to include all details when requesting a printing quote:

Please advise:

Size, quantity, type of stock (the paper) Colour or black on white. or even white on black.
Is the job printed 2 sides or one? |
Do you need folding, stapling, holes punched or other binding?  – What kind of binding? – I can help you with that.

Be sure to discuss because there are many options available.

Design rates for start ups

How to keep on budget

All jobs are quoted based on the brief supplied, it is important that you spend time planning your branding and marketing needs.

As a designer I work to a “brief”. That is the information that you give to me, about the work you require.

Nobody knows your business, or the direction your want to take your business in, more that you do. It is important that you supply all information before I start on the creative concepts. (The briefing process can be via email, over the phone or in person.)

I can only create your vision, or idea if you tell me everything about the work before I start. Once you start changing your mind during concept stage this adds time to the creative process, as designers generall work on an hourly rate this will effect your budget and the final cost of the project.

How to get your project delivered on time

It is important to be realistic in your expectations of the designer and if needed the printer.

If it’s Monday and you need 5,000, 6 panel flyers by Friday – you may need to rethink your planning.

After the quoting process, which can be a few hours once print quotes are sourced then estimate design time, the quote then has to be agreed on.

It can take half to a full day to design a 6 panel flyer (ie A4 roll folded to DL) if photos or other images are required it takes time to source, draw or photograph those. There is usually a delay in proof reading the layout from the designer and then any edits, that’s already at least 2 days gone. Once the approval to print is given the designer then has to create the High resolution Print File and upload it to the printer.

Depending on the printing process – Offset or digital the printer can take 2-4 days to print fold and pack the printed resource and then deliver / freight to you.

It is entirely possible that you would not get your printed product within 5 days. While it is possible, and has been done, you should not count on it. Trust your designer, if they tell you that they cannot deliver your product on Friday if you ask for it on Monday. The designer may have a lot of work in progress and not be able to start the job straight away – they may also know that the printer also has a backlog.

So plan ahead and be nice to your probably already stressed out designer … you will be my favourite client.